Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can Physics prove that we are nothing but warps in time?

Albert Einstein discovered that matter causes a warp in timespace and this is his explanation for gravity. It is my contention that it is not that matter causes warps in timespace but matter is caused by warps in timespace.
I contend that the warps in timespace like the earth, the sun, trees, cars, animals, humans, ect... are visible as matter because timespace is so warped at these points that particles become so slow that they are what we experience as matter.
It has been proven that as matter speeds up it's mass increases, when it reaches the speed of light it's mass is infinite. This leads me to think that as matter slows down it's mass decreases (therefore increasing density). If warps in timespace slow particles that would normally be traveling the speed of light and therefore infinity in mass, then it may be that those warps are what we and all other "phyisical" things are at the sub-partical level.

I am just starting to develop this theory. please post ideas that will help this to develop. Including possible math that could prove my intuition.